I’m baaaaaack!

It took me quite a while to adjust to the new job, new home in a new state, and a surprising new romance. Things are turning out pretty nicely here but I am afraid I’ve put this project on the back-burner.


Today, during my morning pages, I reflected on my upcoming 35th birthday and how I’d like to “call in” certain things.  In order to “call in” I need to “clear out.” I meant this spiritually but I think I need to also manifest this physically.  I am in a financial place now where I can support myself and have enough left over for creating the life I really want.  Why am I hoarding?


…weeeeelllll part of it is paying off grad-school debt.

The main reason why I am not spending is because I am so used to being super frugal, super poor, and in a super-lack mindset.  Ugh.  Consequently, I treat everything I own like junk and it has become junk.  I am uninspired. However, instead of immediately buying something new (as I have been doing lately) I need to first clear out what I have that isn’t suiting me and cherish what I do have.  Mindset shift and clearing.

Only after a mindset shift and physical clearing will I truly call in the sort of life I want.  After the mindset shift and clearing I will be able to really focus on what lights my fire spiritually and physically, of course.  I will just end up buying a bunch of junk I won’t cherish if I skip this step.  I skip too many steps, as a pattern. 🙂

I want to be able to relax when shopping and not go in a rush.  When I rush I desperately pick up whatever sorta-kinda fits the bill.  Instead, I’d like to leisurely observe my surroundings and have something truly ignite a spark in my spirit that says, “I was made for you, girlfriend!” Something that is just wonderfully perfect or at least fits the bill in a way that thrills me.

I’m practicing the wait-for-the thrill moment with my alter. I’m re-constructing a basic alter because I now have space to do so.  I need to find a great table or something to hold it, God/Goddess figurines, and (hopefully) basic tools. Sure, I have old basic tools that have served me well but they are nearly 20 (omg 20…what the heck?!) years old.  I’ve literally never replaced them but I never really even liked them!

I guess the old adage is correct, the way you do one thing is the way you do everything!

So this week I went to a few stores after work over the course of the week, not in a rush but just looking.  I saw a few things that MIGHT work and even picked them up and put them in my cart.  However, I thought to myself, “No no, you fool, this didn’t even call out to you. You don’t even like this let alone love this.” Trust me, I put them all back.  I only picked up a few things I needed: Dishtowels with little skulls that matched my decor and made me squee with delight, a silver Buddha from India that is reminding me of my upcoming trip and sorta called to me, and a sunflower dish I will use as an offering dish during current and future Midsommer and Lammas rites/alters/etc. It really did call to me and I kinda love it. It will be hard not to put it out all year but I want it to be special.

So, this is me, clearing out and calling in.

Maybe I’ll post a picture soon of my good-ass looking alter! 🙂


*P.S. excuse the poor spelling, grammar, and made up stupid words.  I decided to just post this and get it out there in the universe and then go immediately clean. I’m not sorry for any pain I cause via text to stringent English-nerds. 🙂 I do still love you, though.


Vintage Values Resources

Lately, I’ve been musing about making my own podcast.  So, I thought I’d compile a list of my inspirational favorites:


Vintage Talk Radio (I listen on iTunes) but it is also available online

Good Old Radio: if you love those old radio dramz! I’m always looking for more!

This Retro Life


Not a podcast but perhaps the love of my life lol Michael Arenella and His Dreamland Orchestra  

Nena Moreno Show: she’s so cool!



Chronically Vintage

Modern Retro Woman (my idol)



Sweet Em

Making it Modern

Values/not specifically retro:

Christian Feminist Podcast

Daily Connoisseur

Fiona Ferris

Project 333 Lady

Zen Habits

Resources (affiliate and non-affiliate alike):

The Well Educated Mind

How to Read a Book

Lessons from Madame Chic

Fiona Ferris’s book

Intuitive Eating

Health at Every SIze

Nigella Lawson Cookbooks

Pioneer Woman Cookbooks

Tonay Leigh?

Project 333

Anti-goals vs. goal-oriented…vs. relaxed goals?

I enjoy both Leo and Tim as interesting folk.  Typically, I’m more on team-Leo.  I caught this video as I was searching around for answers to a struggle I am having with goals and picking a program to meet my goals.

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/53629816″>Tim Ferriss vs. Leo Babauta on Goals</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user1021371″>Leo Babauta</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Honestly? I am totally more of a Leo.  I wonder if my goal-orientation is force and stopping me from actually doing anything at all! Finding the “right” program for exercise is holding me back from actually exercising.  Sticking to a program is, too! Instead of doing the X program/lifting schedule/thingy why not just make a “relaxed” goal of moving every day doing something I love.  I’ll just schedule it in? Do what I enjoy…what a concept.

Won’t I be a out of shape lump? Well, people in European countries don’t have a lifting split or X program and are very healthy.  They just walk everywhere or bike or go on hikes or do a thing they love like yoga.  A relaxed goal would be moving daily but not expecting I’ll be perfect. What does my body feel?  Programming my life for feeling good and healthy becomes a priority rather than benchmarks. Things like:

  • Walking to the grocery store to pick up the day’s groceries
  • Walking to my PO Box
  • Walking for my errangs
  • Getting out of the clinic at noon and doing whatever/walking to relax
  • …walking lol
  • Evening yoga classes
  • Pole class for funsies
  • Swing dancing
  • Hikes
  • Kayaking or SUP in the summer
  • martial arts class

Same with eating.  Weight loss is a goal.  Intuitive eating becomes a relaxed goal.  Feeling good and energetic is a relaxed goal. For example, what type of eating feels good?

  • I am always hungry at 10am and I am NOT an evening-eater
  • I like to eat dinner early
  • I am a three meals a day person with a snack at 10am
  • I usually need fat to feel full
  • I like carbs in the morning
  • I loooooooove fruit

How do you improve? You just do.  Doing. Doing is a goal.  Improvement will flow naturally out of it. Let go of expectations about your outcome.

Of course, these goals will NOT create my fantasy life.  That is something I really need to let go of.  Being thin will NOT get me a perfect life with tons of energy and a loving partner.  Having tons of energy (yeah, right) will NOT create this fantasy life where I get everything done and I have no problems.  Having a loving partner will NOT fix all of my loneliness, depression, and financial issues.

This all boils down to: how can I settle into the RIGHT NOW-ness of life? If I want to be happy, how can I be happy with right now? If I want energy…how is my body right now? Where is my energy right now? How can I flow with my energy right now? (and for what purpose? More goals? lulz)

My Style: Artsy Wartime Scholar

Yes, I love vintage fashion and I DO dress 100% “vintie” at events and certain occasions.  However, in every day outfits, I prefer a “wink” of vintage style.  Since I interface with the public in health care I need to look approachable, “normal,” and non-costume-y.  I actually prefer a wink at vintage, anyways.  It allows me to be creative and flexible in my style.  So, how do I do that? In one phrase? Mix-and-match!

Style lines: I prefer wartime 1940’s “lines” in clothing meaning that I prefer the silhouette of “relaxed hourglass” for lack of better terminology. From this I come up with “style equations.” Style equations are basic elements that make up every outfit I put together.  To make my life easier I have 4.  For example: pencil skirt + blouse-y top + pumps or booties (may add cardi or blazer in cold weather).  Half-circle skirt (any flowy skirt)+ fitted sweater + pumps, sandals or flats (may add cardi or blazer in cold weather). Skinny pants (rarely worn) + blouse + cardigan + flats or oxfords.  Dress + pumps, sandals, or booties.

Colors AND Textures:  I get a lot of bang for my buck in understanding and using texture to nod to the jazz era and wartime era.  I use a lot of nubby knits and leather.  I find if I use things that look hand-made…or somehow substantial in their texture, it creates an old fashioned feel.  You can also achieve this look with color but I would defer to your natural coloring and your favorite era.  For me, this means my Soft Summer (soft cool-neutral colors) wouldn’t exactly give a Rockabilly Betty vibe!  My innate coloring calls for a more delicate but earthy look–like an old dusty Victorian home’s library or Morgana beckoning King Arthur in a misty lake. These typically ultra-femme colors are aged with a coating of dust or mist.  This is why I add the “scholar” part to my style…it gives it a misty or dusty quality one might get in an old library. I use this to make my 1940s style unique and less movie-costume. More real and touchable.

If you are someone with a very cool, vivid, and bright coloring and you love the 1940s wartime you might tend toward the L.A. social scene looks.  If you have dark and cool-neutral coloring  and love the Jazz age maybe you’d pull from a poetic flapper that hangs out with the boho crowd look. (That one, I’d LOVE!!!) Play around!

“Icing” on the cake: Your silhouette, innate coloring, and innate body are the “cake” and the accessories, patterns, texture, and makeup/hair are the “icing” imho. To avoid looking like a costume I try NOT to use wartime “icing” as much.  Instead, I bring in other loves into my icing to make my look more modern and eclectic.  For example, I love the jazz age but do not look that great in the 1900s-1920s straight-silhouette because I have curves for days.  I get my wartime-fix in lines.  However, I get my jazz age fix in accessories. I am absolutely in love with art neuvau and Edwardian touches! I pick up earrings and necklaces that mimic that era.  I find the “fantasy” element of the neuvau plays well with my coloring.  I also love the early 1970s romantic era and will wear big floppy hats, long necklaces (a call back to jazz age, too), and suede boots.  I feel like the 1970s era romance is very much an attempt to modernize the jazz age and Edwardian so I steal from it often for accessories, especially purses.  I choose to also wear patterns that are more jazz age and 1970’s nod at jazz age to give a bohemian artsy vibe that really modernizes the most repo outfit.  It makes it “fun” and interesting yet still solidly old-world feeling.

Also, I love the jazz age makeup!  I go for a smoky smudgy flapper eye with rosy flushed cheeks and a light lip!  Sometimes, when I am lazy, I’ll do my 1940s farm girl fresh no-makeup look but meh! Give me a dark purple smudgy eyeliner ANY DAY!

Since I have curly hair I prefer a more jazz age hair style.  I love a messy and voluminous curly do.  However, I am not committed to cutting it just yet so I sometimes wear it in a 1940’s feel by pulling parts of it back hinting at victory rolls.  I suppose it looks like a more natural version of hairstyles from the 1930s-early 1940s.  Not so Hollywood sleek and more “regular lady.” Though, if I am feeling extra boho, I will throw a head scarf on and run around like a fortune teller or something. That’s my favorite!


Dressing to honor your innate physical design: I find a 1930s-1940s silhouette looks best with my innate physical design as well.  I think it is important to take what actually feels and looks good on the body you actually have!  If I had my way, I’d wear Dior dresses from the 1950s but that does NOT look good on me nor does it feel good on my athletic (but still hourglass) body.  Nor do I look my best in the sleek atomic era patterns or lines!  I get my vintage fix from more jazz age and wartime patterns and “bling” because the irregular, softly blunt, and more sweet look becomes my irregular, softly blunted, and “sweet” face.  I was both color analyzed and analyzed for my “image archetype” and it turns out I am a “Soft Summer” and a “YinNatural/Soft Natural.”  For more information, check out “Kibbe” style boards or Rachel Nachmias’s system Best Dressed. 


My inspirations: 

Claire in the Showtime series Outlander (though book Claire is a spirit-inspiration)

Catherine Watson: Mona Lisa Smile (probably the best idol for most of my style)

Bohemians and fortune teller types in the jazz age, cool babes!

Women who worked in wartime America! Tough chicks!

Margaret Thompson: Boardwalk Empire

Carinvale: Everyone! Just the feel.

Downton Abbey: Everyone, everything! I especially love Sybil and “cousin Rose” 🙂 The downstairs cast, when without uniforms, look great as well!

I imagine my first guardian angel is a sophisticated-but-sassy society lady turned feminist flapper who writes advice columns for other women in a NYC newspaper. She has like four boyfriends and a huge collection of shoes.  My second guardian angel is a farm girl from the 1940s who was a girl scout and joined the war as a nurse.  She’s down to earth, practical, and no-nonsense.  She works super hard and always tells me to perk up because I’m a lucky lass. I invented them…so I suppose they are my twin inspirations! haha!

Hungry for change

I don’t recommend starting things before a move! Though, to be fair, I have been noticing my hunger more acutely lately. I’m attempting to eat the foods I have left or eat out but I am not eating in a way that is energizing.  I don’t want to purchase food I’ll have to throw out in a few days. Ugh!

I’m also working on using all of my fake-sugar and diet stuff.  It is holding no appeal to me at this point, which is great.  I don’t like regular soda but dang that Diet Coke! My vice! I’m attempting to replace Diet Coke, my precious, with sparkling water and tea.  I actually really love sparkling water. The magnesium in some brands is really essential to muscle relaxation and anxiety control! Our water and soil is stripped of magnesium now because of careless land management practices so it is essential we supplement.  I also take magnesium at the end of the day to help get to sleep.


Spellbind, Serve, and Support

I’ve been thinking a lot about traditional gender roles and associated traits or images.  In one book, the author mentions “protect, provide, and lead” as the key components for men.  However, for women, it was “wife, mother, homemaker” which leads little room for a single woman or a working woman.  Is wife not better converted to “help meet” or something? Could mother be “nurturer” or “server” or something? Could homemaker not be “comforter” or someone who makes things better “creatrix” ? 🙂

We are so much more than wives, mothers, and home makers.  These are important roles but they are duty-bound whereas the man’s role “protect, provide, lead” are more broad.  Further, what would I do?

Upon vast amounts of musing over thousands up cups of tea I came to the conclusion that I would use different roles.  Here they are:


The geisha/courtesan: A beguiling companion who creates a world of beauty and romance all around her while engaging in stimulating conversation and warm friendship.  She is shrewd yet artistic. This is the “lover” or “maiden” archetype.

(Or the “wife”…or “Spellbind”)



*If I could put a picture of the Downton Abbey ladies, I would!

The Lady: Elevates the morals and manner as well as tends to her family.  Leads as a nurturer of wholesome values.  Supports others.  Gives herself to causes and cares about her world. Maintains elegance and decorum.  Leads with a gentle touch.  This is the “mother” archetype.

(the “mother” or “serve”)


*if I could put a picture of Claire from Outlander here, I would! (Even, maybe, Mrs. Fitzgibbons!)

The Goddess of the Hearth/Medicine Woman: Tough as nails and wise.  She tends to the hearth and home with a primal energy but also accesses the wisdom of nature.  She is able to gain insight and wisdom, listen, and heal.  She maintains the spiritual integrity and environment.  She’s a little sassy and has great boundaries. This is the “wise woman or crone” archetype depending on your take I guess.

(“Homemaker” was just too small of a role, even for homemakers! I think “support” goes here best)


**PS I wish I had a better one that “spellbind” and ideally it would be “enchant” but I had great luck with the other two s-words! Maybe enchant, elevate, & inspire (enspire? haha ok maybe educate).

Old Fashioned Health

My goodness, was I ever triggered.  I know that “triggered” is something people like to make fun of but for recovered disordered eaters (like myself) it is a very real phenomenon that might spur us back into our disordered eating behaviors and mindset! It isn’t a punchline. It could be a one-way ticket back to a mental disorder you are trying very hard to keep recovering from.  Luckily, it doesn’t have to be a one-way ticket.  Hopefully, for me, it is a quick round-trip.



You see….Facebook.  Need I say more? I went on a social media fast for Lent and returned recently to see a girl friend of mine post a sports-bra and shorts pic of her weight loss and six-pack abs.  She achieved “the dream” and was thus rewarded by fellow Facebookers. I had that pang of “inspiration” and began to frantically look up gym memberships in my area, old “clean eating” plans and keto plans, and asked her via FB what she did.  Ugh.  I caught myself last night.  It is such progress I caught myself last night before I wasted time or money on these things, too.  Before, I would just dive in and catch myself but not stop myself.  This is me stopping myself.  Aren’t I a perfect angel? Ugh!

Though in the midst of this temptation I do recognize that I don’t feel as good as I should.  At the root of it, I am not taking care of my body.  Of course, killing myself at Crossfit and eating under 20 carbs a day wasn’t treating my body well either.  However, I do not feel as good as I’d like or could feel.  I recognize that because of the move and studying for my licensing exam and the bananas breakup I have neglected by health.  Luckily, I have the knowledge and tools to bring myself back to better health using Intuitive Eating, HAES, and good old fashioned common sense.  Honestly. Not worrying about the “right” or “wrong” foods, weight loss, or any other thing. Hear me out.

Movement. I feel best when I am moving my body every day.  I really enjoyed my daily walks–why am I not doing them again? Is it because I can’t “get fit” with just walking?  Probably.  But that is bull.  Daily movement one enjoys is paramount to good health. I enjoy walking and moving around all day.  I enjoy the occasional yoga class, dance class, and hike.  I enjoy being on the water kayaking and stuff like that (my Camp Fire Girl/Girl Scout b.s.) for fun movement.


As far as food and eating? Well, I must keep honoring my hunger and satiety.  Eating a whole bag of Smart Pop nothing-popcorn is not honoring anything and is blocking me from sitting with my feelings of loneliness and anger.  I am not eating satisfying foods or foods I even enjoy.  It isn’t even nourishing.  What the heck am I doing?! Ideally, I would sit down to a satisfying and yummy meal that tastes excellent and nourishes me for my day.  Personally, I am more of a 3 meals a day girl.  I’m actually not much of a snacker and often (in the dieting past) would force myself to eat “5 metabolically mapped” meals a day when body building.  Now, if I am starving at 10am it is because I am downing too many diet cokes/diet sugars or I didn’t eat a satisfying breakfast because I was afraid of breakfast that day.  Eating a bag of Smartpop and 3 cans of diet coke is no fix.


Ideally (again), I’d use my fitbit for good and not evil.  Is that possible? Maybe my first goal will be to do a nice restorative morning and evening walk.  Then, perhaps, I can introduce my fitbit to ensure I am maintaining my movement throughout the day?  Or maybe that is a bad idea. Might be worth a try since I tend not to get obsessive about the fitbit.  If my ultimate goal is either 2 walks a day or 1 walk and 1 fun activity (unless it doesn’t feel right intuitively) that would be good.  A secondary and distant goal might be 10,000 steps or whatever.  Again, we shall see.

Food and eating? Well, I think meal prep is something that is helpful financially and time-wise for me.  Perhaps I can plan 3 hearty and yummy square meals a day for myself? It might be fun to try to meal prep like a grandma in the 1940s! Instead of a reduced-calorie english muffin with egg whites and fruit (then snacking constantly) I might choose a hearty bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar, sliced apples, cinnamon, and butter with a nice glass of 100% juice and two hard-boiled eggs.  That kind of thing! We will see how my body reacts to this.  I want to enjoy my food and also feel good.


This week:

  • Institute morning “constitutionals” (start with 10 minutes after breakfast to get the blood flowing and digestion started until it becomes light earlier…I’ll experiment with timing) and end with a big glass of water.  Something I can do in normal clothes and shoes. Nothing fitness like.
  • Continue social media fast-lite and only log on for my groups on Sunday evening to check on things.  Avoid timeline. Delete Snapchat. Cleanse.
  • Make a hearty and old fashioned breakfast.  For planning purposes I might consider the following options:
  1. Oatmeal with honey, butter, berries, and a splash of milk. Two hard boiled eggs. Glass of 100% juice (I like green juices).
  2. 2 slices of whole wheat bread from bakery down the street with butter and eggs, glass of juice and fruit.
  3. 2 slices of whole wheat bread with butter and jam, bacon/egg/sausage option, fruit, juice.
  4. Pancakes with butter and syrup with milk. Consider protein, if needed.


Every grandmother, chubby!

I always roll my eyes when people say “women were thinner back then.” Clearly, they haven’t met my mother’s Italian family or my father’s Southern county folk! Every picture I see is of a woman about my size and sturdy as can be.  Glowing and charming.  I am a size 14/16 (at 5’5″ which towers above my mother’s 5’1″, grandmother’s 5’2″ and great grandmother’s 4’1″)!   My hourglass figure would shine in some of the fashions I see in the old family photos, too! My ancestors cooked and ate with gusto!  My great-grandmother lived until 104 without real health complications until the very end.  My grandmother is about to turn 80 and takes daily walks…and is VERY healthy. No health problems! Though my father’s mother died in childbirth she was health but unfortunately very poor and unable to afford healthcare.  My grandfather lived until his late 90s and smoked a pack a day. Not a one among them had diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart problems of any sort. None.

I, on the other hand, have a history of agressive dieting with my weight never budging below a US size 12.  I was a Division 1 college athlete and very serious about it and still am very athletic. However, as I went into graduate school and learned about intuitive eating and Health at Every Size I began to reflect on my family and their health.  What was I doing? They didn’t go on diets! They had such healthy lives! Here I was torturing myself and hurting my own body and health in the meantime. It’s a long story but ends with finding the concept of Intuitive Eating more in line with my old fashioned values AND feminist values. I highly recommend the book Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch and well as their workbook. I am currently reworking my way through the book.  I’ve decided to visit one principle every week.

Their first principle is “Reject the Diet Mentality/Culture” this means getting straight up angry that diets do NOT work.  People end up gaining bonus weight and losing health.  I am so into this I even wrote my dissertation about it.  Still, the sweet promises of love, romance, and fashion diet culture offers me is tempting.  I think, “If only I was thin and then my life would be easier.” I would have no problems. I would be married to a good guy. I could find cute clothes.  I could be comfortable. I know this is a lie.  Problems don’t go away.  Size 14/16 girls (larger and smaller, too) get married to good guys every dang day.  I have a wide variety of clothes available to me give I am still a “straight” size-ish person.  What am I even complaining about? There is someone out there whose goal weight/size is me! There is also someone out there whose nightmare would be to wake up and look like me. Whatever. I am actually pretty happy in my body.  Still have to fight the promises diets offer even though I know it isn’t real. I threw out my scale and all of my diet books. I unsubscribed to all social media feeds that are triggering. I added only positive influences even though I gave up a lot of social media. I am banning “diet” foods from my new home.  Threw out fake sugar and yucky “diet” food and supplies. This will be ongoing.

The second principle is “Honor Your Hunger.” It is about getting to know your biological signals. Mindful attention on your hunger!  It is also about trusting your hunger signals and anticipating them. It is also about getting to know internal or spiritual hunger AND physical hunger–knowing the difference and honoring both without judgement. I am starting this on Sunday. This includes:

  • Introceptive awareness: body cue awareness: I plan on meditation in many forms! I need to get to know my hunger with non-judgement. I also plan on keeping a “hunger discovery journal” where I will track my hunger signals in detail and what I do to take care of it.
  • Self-care and things that disrupt my introception: being aware of the obstacles to understanding my body’s needs.
    • Things I need to work on include: physical activity 5x/week, not judging my thoughts and feelings, identifying and seeking out comforting activities and places, therapy, play, less screen time, multitasking when eating, overeating when stressed, feeling feelings, letting go of productivity, learning to relax, and not withdrawing from people when stressed.  Spending time in nature, participating in spiritual practice, meditation, prayer, inspirational inputs, maintain manageable schedule, take breaks from screens, say no to extras, setting limits, materialism, and lack mindset.
  • Nourishing self-care: It is very hard to honor hunger when things like stress get in the way of feeling hunger OR gets in the way of treating it properly, with the respect it deserves.  Below is a list of things I plan to do this week!

To dos:

  1. I will work on consistently moving 5 days a week doing something I enjoy.  Every morning I will do my morning yoga asanas or take a walk.  I could also take a dance or yoga class in the evening or hike during the weekend.
  2. I will read and journal before bed and put my phone in the other room.
  3. I will politely decline all non-essential work tasks over the next three months.
  4. I will start meditating 10 minutes every morning.
  5. I will connect socially with a friend or family member at least one time this week.
  6. I will eat one meal a day mindfully and at the table.
  7. I don’t make time to play.  I will “play” at least once this week.
  8. I have no communal spiritual practice.  I will attend churches in my new home until I find a new church home.
  9. I am going to be social at least three times this week.
  10. I will journal my hunger cues.

Many of this is part of my “miracle morning”: meditation, movement, journaling, and mindset work! I think, to make sitting down at the table and actually eating more enticing, I will design and decorate a kitchen that is inviting and cultivates an air of peace. An inviting space! A little vintage charm with a vase of flowers, table cloth, etc. I’ll keep my hunger journal in my Foxydori with my other journal and datebook. I need to make a list of churches and add them in my Foxydori along with social ideas!

I’ll post a picture of my new kitchen when it is finished but I am, in the meanwhile, assembling a lookbook.

Time saving devices, integrity, & Meg Ryan


I used to wonder, as a teen, why I was so enamored by the past.  I spent my summer begging my mom to take me to the library to check out books on Victorian manners and to the local antiques mall.  I asked for a tea set from my grandmother for my 14th birthday and a hope chest the Christmas (one I can fill with my treasured finds).  Then, during my university years, I went to a movie at the local theater to see “Kate and Leopold.” A rather silly and cheesy romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman.  If you haven’t seen the movie you really should.  Not because it is good or even that entertaining but because it makes a good point! The movie features a rather annoying Liev Schreiber as Kate’s  (Meg Ryan) ex-boyfriend and mad-scientist ripping a hole in time and falling through to the 1800s where Duke Leopold (Jackman) spots him.  Leopold follows Liev’s character (name escapes me) back to 2001 NYC.  Eventually, Liev’s character realizes what happened and takes Leopold under his wing.  Eventually, the neurotic “Kate” meets “Leopold” and romantic comedy hate-love tug of war ensues.

Classic fish out of water.  Ok, sure.

I can picture the exact scene that is still burned into my memory: Leopold expresses disappointment in the time saving devices.  I’ll summarize and interpret a bit: Leopold muses that with all of the devices he imagines people would have more time for leisure, manners, and invention. “You have every convenience, every comfort, and yet no time for integrity.”


Also see:  The toast scene!


I think I am so enamored with this movie because I find Leopold charming and because I find myself actually empathizing and understanding him WAY more than the heroine.  A heroine, supposedly, who is made for women like me. I didn’t think, “I want a man like that!” (well…Hugh Jackman soooo a little?) but “I want to live like that.” I want that fresh creamery butter and home made marmalade! I wouldn’t cry if Hugh Jackman suddenly appeared next to me in the kitchen, either.


Stay tuned for another slap-dash post about the movie. I’m feeling inspired.